BATCircle in ICBR 2019

September 26, 2019

BATCircle recently had the pleasure of taking part in the International Battery Recycling Conference (ICBR2019) held in Lyon, France. The two-day event brought together over 330 participants from across the globe including industrial collectors, processors and policymakers with the common aim of sharing best practice in the area of battery recycling for future sustainability. After an open session that focused on future market trends and resources efficiency that featured talks by Ghislain Lescuyer (CEO, Saft), Christophe Pillot (Director, Avicenne Energy) and John-Denis Curt (Head of Recycling and Circular Economy, Renault) the first day featured sessions dedicate to Transport and Safety and reports of the current status in Germany, France and Norway.

Day Two began with the Electric Vehicles Batteries Flow session where BATCircle was represented by Prof Mari Lundström with a presentation entitled “Towards battery recycling in Finland and Europe” that highlighted the steps currently been undertaken to provide a basis for a true Circular Economy of Battery Metals. Following talks related to batteries as a source of secondary raw materials and shipment of battery waste across transnational boundaries, which resulted in plenty of valuable discussions on the day-to-day practicalities of realizing future metal sustainability. Topics, specifically related to safety and increased recovery percentage of battery materials, as well as the future availability of raw materials such as Co came up in several presentations and discussions.Further sessions tackled not only how to address recycling and the place of electric vehicles/batteries role in a circular economy, but also technical solutions required for End-of-Life materials management.

The final part of the meeting featured visits to local area recycling plants SNAM and MTB Engineering that demonstrated state-of-the-art techniques for dealing with battery-related waste and featured an interactive virtual reality session at SNAM related to the safe manual handling of process materials.