Finland-based Circular Ecosystem of Battery Metals - BATCircle

June 11, 2019

The production of lithium ion batteries is quickly growing due to their use in electrical vehicles and consumer electronics. This trend necessitates a large increase in raw materials production, such as Ni, Co, Li and Mn, in the coming years. However, only ca. 5 % of Li-ion battery materials are currently recycled, while many of the valuable battery metals are not recycled at all. Thus, a lot of potential raw material is being lost after the battery reaches the end of its life cycle. According to the EU, the European battery market value is forecasted to reach 250 billion euros by the year 2025, while the majority of the current Li-ion battery value chain is based in Asia. Finland is in a unique position as we have a variety of actors involved in all steps of the battery metals value chain from raw materials to industrial production of battery metals and precursors supported by world-class research in metallurgy, battery materials and metals recycling. The BATCircle is a ca. 22 M€ consortium of 22 companies, 2 cities, 4 universities and 2 research organizations, led by Aalto University. The consortium aims to improve the competitiveness of Finland in the battery metals value chain.