The first Batteries Europe Raw Materials and Recycling workshop was held in Milan 13-14 June 2019

August 18, 2019

The workshop was held in order to plan the strategy for future battery raw materials and recycling research and development in EU. The workshop was a follow-up to a recycling workshop arranged in Espoo, Finland, on 15 January 2019 under the SET Plan Action 7 Implementing Working Group on Recycling. The event in Milan was at Politechnico di Milano, hosted by Prof. Marcello Colledani. The workshop was organized by Prof. Mari Lundström (Aalto University), Dr. Ilkka Kojo (Outotec) and Dr. Olli Salmi (EIT RawMaterials).

The workshop was conducted over two days at Politechnico di Milano. The first day included a visit to STIIMA-CNR, at a battery demanufacturing research facility. The workshop began the following day on June 14. The main goal was to map the potential raw materials and recycling R&D needs and actors in Europe. The first session was based on the recycling, and was started off by presentations. The battery recycling workshop was a continuation on the work that was performed in the January workshop, from where the already-identified themes and actors were provided for the attendees. The workshop focused on improving the following themes: design for recycling, reversed logistics, reversed logistics business model, dismantling of industrial batteries and development of metallurgical recycling processes.

After the lunch, the second part of the workshop focused on new topics that were related to the primary production of battery metals/materials. Working topics included sustainable primary resources, value addition in metal refining, precursors and active materials, circular economy business models, sustainability assessment and materials flow analysis and tracing. After everyone had had a chance to contribute, the results of the day were presented to the participants. The agenda and presentations from the workshop can be found here.